21 March 2012

GG in her new favorite place to chill. She barely fits! It is really funny to watch her jump in and have to shimmy her body around to face forward.  Oh, and my new favorite beer. Yum Yum. Hello spring!

18 March 2012


Last night for Saint Patrick's day, Lindsay had us over for a little barbecue! The weather in Minneapolis is perfect (70s.... ahhhhhh) so we are excited to be outside as much as possible!

Today, Drew & I bought a basketball and played one-on-one! It was fun! He won, duh! I wasn't as terrible as I thought I might be! I hope this weather is here to stay! 


Jenny manning the grill

we ate dinner on blankets in the backyard

thank Lindsay for hosting! ps- she made the BEST roasted veggies on skewers

morning time with coffee

i like this one :)

14 March 2012

Good Morning!

I just returned from an AMAZING trip to LA & San Diego. LA was for work (swim shopping!!) After work, 2 of my favorite people, Kalyn & Sam, drove all the way from Phoenix, AZ to pick me up and drive down to San Diego! It was a blasssstttt!! The weather is beautious in California... I know you already know that, but serioulsy...living there must be nice :D

Here are some photos! Enjoy!

PS: In San Diego, we were hosted by Kalyn's uncle Scott & aunt Becca. Special thanks to them!

Bob Herbert

Kalyn + Scott + Mimosas on the beach!
Beef + Spam
at Balboa Park


succulents in Scott + Becca's backyard

03 March 2012

Hello again!

2 posts in one day (woahhhh!!)

Please check out Lindsey's new Etsy shop! She sells some lovely vintage finds. Currently, the shop is full of outerwear, but keep on the lookout for more goodies to be added! 

To all my followers (yeah, all 4 of you ;D) I plan to be posting more regularly! I have lots of ideas & a working computer! 
xx Beth
I was in NYC last week for work & fun!! Had a great time both at work and with all my buddies!! Special thanks to Target (for sending me!), Brittany & Alan, and Lindsey + Brett for housing me on the weekends! I should have taken more photos, but here are a few goodies....

View of the Hudson from my room at The Standard :)

pickles loves bags (& attacking from the top of the fridge) 

just hanging at the cloisters

moon is soooo pretty

citrus tree at the cloisters-yum