21 November 2010

2011 Calendar

I've finally finished the 2011 Calendar! There are 2 sizes :D a small and a large. I'll be selling them at MiCA in Cincinnati along with 2 new tea towels! I'll post photos of those after Thanksgiving.

These are photos of the smaller calendar. The larger version has boxes to write in.

Acorns for November!

stack of packaged calendars! large & small

I'll also take orders from here if you are interested! Leave a comment 
or email me!

Large (with space to write in a box- 8.5" x 11") $20
Small (8.5" x 5.5") $15

Included in the package is a ribbon to hang them with. I prefer to hang them on the wall with a little nail. 



15 November 2010

Blue Fin Bay

The second weekend in October, my Mom came to visit us in Minneapolis! She took us on a SURPRISE getaway to a lovely resort in Northern Minnesota on Lake Superior. It was B.E.A.utiful :D We ate yummy food, went on hikes, relaxed & enjoyed many gorgeous views. On our last day we visited the town of Grand Marais (which I thought was a little weird) and then we headed home! The drive was about 5 hours, but it was so worth it! Here are some photos! [thanks Mom for such a nice weekend!]

birch! Drew's fave


fancy in my scarf

on top of the mountain

Joey's new senior picture

03 November 2010

White Paper

Today I've been researching sweaters for our new season & I came across these awesome photos in the children's fashion magazine MILK! I love the structures that are created with just paper. Anyone want to re-create this with me?Hope you enjoy!

01 November 2010

Sneak Peak!

So, I am working on a 2011 Calendar :D
Here is a little sneak peak... it is very much in the works. I'm trying to decide whether the calendar should be full size (11x8.5") or half size (5.5 x8.5").

Feel free to leave suggestions!