07 March 2011

Lindsay's Birthday Weekend

March 6th was Lindsay's 25th birthday! We spent all weekend celebrating :D Here are some fun photos from our FEAST {brunch} on Sunday afternoon:

Jenny made THE MOST AMAZING 5 layer cake (see below)

Lindsay screamed so loud it scared everyone!!! haha
Thanks to Drew for taking lots of photos of us ;D

February 2011: a month to visit Minneapolis

In Februray, Drew & I had 2 sets of visitors. First, Lindsay & Alex came up! Sadly we don't have any photos of their trip here :( I don't know what happened. But, it was a BLAST! I PROMISE!! Drew & I are so thankful they came up!

About 12 days later Cara came to visit! We went a polka bar in the Northeast called Nyes and took these photos!
The photobooth started taking photos really quickly! whoops!
We also did a little walking on Lake Calhoun. I was super freaked out because the weather had warmed up quite a bit & the ice was cracking.
Note the plane in the sky!
And Cara got a sad little stuffed animal. His name is Edmund.
check out the crack on the lake!