15 December 2011

What I've been up to....

Hello there! Apologies for my lack of posting... I really need to purchase a working computer. Anyway, I've been busy getting ready for the new year!

My 2012 calendar is finished & being sent for printing!! Just in time for the new year. Phew! Check it out below- a little sneak peek of a few months!! The calendar is 8.5"x11" & will be sold for 20 bucks at MiCA in Cincinnati. I am also selling them up here in Minneapolis! Contact me if you'd like one! Happy Holidays!

**Also, I'd like to give a special thanks to those wonderful people who supported & encouraged me to create the calendar this year! :D 

24 May 2011

Brittany Visit

breakfast at Barbette

grey girls

minnehaha falls

Our sweet friend Brittany came to visit a couple of weeks ago :) We had really nice weather and a wonderful time! Brittany happens to LOVE cats {especially GG}.We trekked all around Minneapolis & St Paul, making it to the sculpture garden, lakes, minnehaha falls, a few good restaurants and an amazing show at first ave!

05 May 2011

AZ baby

Went to Gold Canyon, Arizona with my lovely friends! Here are some faves.
The Vitamin D was nice... and I discovered that I LOVE cati!
(All of the cool looking photos were taken on Lindsay's sweet ipone!)
I wish we could go back!

04 May 2011

7 Years!

A week ago today (April 20th) Drew & I celebrated our 7 year anniversary!! Yeay! We met in our photography class in high school. Above are some photos from our first hangout (also my photography assignment)! I couldn't find the one with both of us in it, but the polaroid is on our 4 year anniversary.


07 March 2011

Lindsay's Birthday Weekend

March 6th was Lindsay's 25th birthday! We spent all weekend celebrating :D Here are some fun photos from our FEAST {brunch} on Sunday afternoon:

Jenny made THE MOST AMAZING 5 layer cake (see below)

Lindsay screamed so loud it scared everyone!!! haha
Thanks to Drew for taking lots of photos of us ;D

February 2011: a month to visit Minneapolis

In Februray, Drew & I had 2 sets of visitors. First, Lindsay & Alex came up! Sadly we don't have any photos of their trip here :( I don't know what happened. But, it was a BLAST! I PROMISE!! Drew & I are so thankful they came up!

About 12 days later Cara came to visit! We went a polka bar in the Northeast called Nyes and took these photos!
The photobooth started taking photos really quickly! whoops!
We also did a little walking on Lake Calhoun. I was super freaked out because the weather had warmed up quite a bit & the ice was cracking.
Note the plane in the sky!
And Cara got a sad little stuffed animal. His name is Edmund.
check out the crack on the lake!

31 January 2011


Hello! January flew by- I can't believe it is already Februray tomorrow! Drew & I have a lot to look forward to though :D Chainsaw & Lindsay are visiting this weekend and Cara is coming up at the end of the month! So exciting!! Also, my dad turns 50 on Friday! Exciting!!
  Here are some watercolors for Jenny's birthday present! {She likes horses}

Take care!