24 May 2011

Brittany Visit

breakfast at Barbette

grey girls

minnehaha falls

Our sweet friend Brittany came to visit a couple of weeks ago :) We had really nice weather and a wonderful time! Brittany happens to LOVE cats {especially GG}.We trekked all around Minneapolis & St Paul, making it to the sculpture garden, lakes, minnehaha falls, a few good restaurants and an amazing show at first ave!

05 May 2011

AZ baby

Went to Gold Canyon, Arizona with my lovely friends! Here are some faves.
The Vitamin D was nice... and I discovered that I LOVE cati!
(All of the cool looking photos were taken on Lindsay's sweet ipone!)
I wish we could go back!

04 May 2011

7 Years!

A week ago today (April 20th) Drew & I celebrated our 7 year anniversary!! Yeay! We met in our photography class in high school. Above are some photos from our first hangout (also my photography assignment)! I couldn't find the one with both of us in it, but the polaroid is on our 4 year anniversary.